Benefits of Onchain Assets

  • Low Risk: Investment-grade assets, including AAA-rated U.S. sovereign bonds, offer stability and security and are highly liquid, with more than $100 billion traded daily.

  • Attractive Returns: With the Federal Reserve rate expected to remain elevated, fixed-income products are attractive to crypto-native investors who lack easy access to this asset class.

  • Fully Regulated and Institutional-Grade Partners: Cogito Finance collaborates with trusted and regulated partners to ensure compliance and mitigate risks.

  • 24/7 Instant Settlement: Smart contracts enable instant investment and redemption on-chain, providing investors with increased flexibility and convenience.

  • Real-Time Transparency: Chainlink’s proof-of-reserves provides cryptographic verification that fund tokens are backed by underlying assets held in secure custodian accounts.

  • Transferability and Composability: Fund tokens can be transferred and staked across different protocols, maximizing capital efficiency and flexibility for investors and enabling new use cases.

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